Installation Assistance - Caroline Gikas
Creative Direction
Research / Insights
Spatial Design

V.2, R.3
Exhibition at Stove Works
February - March 2024

What is the necessary process involved in using “graphic design” - a discipline characterized by its unique and intricate demands and roles - as a language of expression? How does the designer’s research, references and toolkit become intertwined with their practice, iterations of visual output and codification?

V.3, R.2 examines and presents the influences of the designer’s library combined with a micro examination of the common designer’s toolkit with a macro visual result. These assets are arranged to help viewers recognize how the use of form, color, texture, line, typography, and research repeat, intertwine, transform and expand. As a viewer steps back, they are invited to view the entirety of “process” as a completed work. As the viewer steps in closer, they are invited to interact with the printed matter on display and to appreciate the micro details of the design elements on their own.




All Works © Christopher Knowles 2012—’24

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