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The Lawrence

The Lawrence has been a staple of the Midtown Atlanta neighborhood for many years. This beloved eatery was showing signs of age, and the owner’s wanted to freshen things up and bring the vibe of the restaurant into the more contemporary direction the neighborhood was beginning to head in. 

For this rebrand, it was important to find some functional devices that could be the bedrock of the new identity. After studying the space, it was observed that a perfect “L” forms the dining room. Furthermore, the L is also reflected as a cornerstone of the exterior as the restaurant sat on a corner lot of Juniper and 5th street. 

The L conveniently is the first letter of “The Lawrence” so that served as a perfect jumping off point. From there, it was necessary to warm up the feeling of the identity to something more welcoming, a bit dreamy, and a bit poetic. This sentiment drove the decision to go with a peachy pink and to build the menu more so as a book experience that was layered than a traditional menu. 

From that point on, a content campaign was launched that filled the restaurant’s feed with dreamy illustrations and every season’s cocktail menu would get a new cover illustration. 




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