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Connecting From A-Z

CONNECTING FROM A—Z joins twenty-eight designers in creating one diverse alphabet, as a way to connect during the recent period of social distancing. The process was a lively demonstration of their common passion for design, expressing their unique approaches and styles – with each individual designing one letter of the Roman alphabet.

The project was conceived as a chained event: Each designer received a letter, already designed by a colleague, and has been asked to design the following one in the alphabet. The previous letter could be used as an inspiration or connecting point of dialogue for the next design. Each letter was delivered within one day, making it a dynamic and playful experience.

The result is a wonderfully vibrant alphabet, comprising so many cool and funky letterforms, created by the following designers:

Franzi Bauer, Alex Branczyk, Barbara Dechant, Imad Gebrayel, Jason Grant (Inkahoots), Ilka Helmig & Johannes Bergerhausen, Frank Höhne, Na Kim, Christopher Knowles, Jungmyung Lee, Urs Lehni, Anja Lutz, Tine Melzer, Peter Nencini, Johanna Olm, So Jin Park, Francesco Pini, Rimini Berlin, Lucienne Roberts, Georg Rutishauser, Emily Smith, Patrick Thomas, Andrea Tinnes, Juliana Toro, Niklaus Troxler, Ferdinand Ulrich, Mark van Wageningen (Novo Typo)

CONNECTING FROM A—Z is now available as a free font


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