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Hello there, I’m Christopher. I maintain an incomplete and evolving outlook on things that help sustain optimism, creativity, and community in every day life. I enjoy practicing as a creative director, strategist, and designer for clients in hospitality, food and beverage, education, music, cultural fields, small-businesses from startup to growth phases, as well as established commercial entities. My work advocates for solutions that are unorthodox, versatile, and memorable; following the principles of modernist design while retaining the evocative spirit of creative curiosity, the abstract and a healthy dose of inventive playfulness. 

Recently I was full-time creative director at Red Antler, (2021-2024). Before that, I taught as an adjunct professor of design at The University of Georgia (2017-2022) and was the co-chair of design at The Creative Circus (2017-2019)(RIP) while running my own design practice. And even before that, I was a designer at Sony Music and at a collection of small studios in New York including Out Of Office, Rosenworld, and Mark Pernice. (2012-2016). I am the founder and former director of Practise Makes Practice, a five-year operational nonprofit focused on pop-up design programming for the southeastern region (2019-2024).

Select Clients

100 for 10 (Munich)
Alley Cat Music Club
Atlanta History Center
Bon Ton Atlanta
Brickstack Architects
Colombia Records
Common Companion Vet Co.
C.U.B.E Gallery at Lamar
Dodd School of Art
Laurie Rosenwald
Lyla Lila
Mark Pernice
Pearlfisher (San Francisco)
RCA Records
Red Antler
Showerhaus Gallery
Son & Sons
Sony Music
Stove Works
Straight To Tell
The Creative Circus
The Dramatist
The Goat Farm Arts Center
The Lawrence
The Lucky Penny ATL

The New York Times
The University of Georgia
The Young Never Sleep Studio
Volatile Parts
Zapah Lab

Publications / Press / Exhibitions

V.2, R.3
Chattanooga, TN
Stove Works
February - March 2024

Meta Process and Performative Design Residency
Stove Works Residency Program
August 2021 - November 2021

Typo-Hetero-Chronia: Seoul to Atlanta
Atlanta, GA
Poster (x3)
Nov-Dec 2021

New Orleans, LA
Annunciation Hall
April 2017

C-U-B-E: On the Boundaries
Athens, GA
Lamar Dodd School of Art

March-May 2016

100for10 Exposition
Munich, DE
Easy!Upstream Galerie
Dec 2015

100for10 Publication
Munich, DE
You Will Have Everything You Need
Sept 2015

Downtown Digital
Asheville, NC
Animation (x3)
April 2015

Asheville, NC
Oct 2014

NY Art Book Fair 2014
New York, NY
The Deathbringers
Oct 2014

Print Magazine: The Color Issue
Christopher Knowles Interview
June 2013


Art Direction
Bespoke Typography
Book / Brochure / Magazine Design
Brand Architecture
Brand Concept
Brand Ecosystem
Brand Platforms
Brand Standards
Brand Story / Voice
Brand Strategy
Campaign Development
Creative Direction
Creative Consultation
Creative Workshops
Design Direction
Design Strategy
DJ / Music
Editorial Design / Systems
Event Design
Graphic Design
Identity Systems
Naming / Nomenclature
Poster Design
Research / Insights
Sonic Identity
Spatial Design
Brand Strategy
Teaching / Lecture
Verbal Identity


Performative Design and Meta Process
Chattanooga, TN
Stove Works
August 2021

Lecture: Relativity in Creativity: The Process of
Curating Your Voice to Discover Process

Athens, GA
Lamar Dodd School of Art
March 2016

Crafting Your Portfolio
PI Art Center
New York, NY
June 2014

How To Make Mistakes On Purpose
Workshop w/ Laurie Rosenwald
New York, NY
AIGA NY February 2013

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